When Life Hurts Most

My ideal weekend is spent with a cup of coffee and a good book.

My scars of abuse have always felt unique and made me feel very isolated in my pain. I no longer felt like a person but rather the problem. I was confused about what was normal and used a variety of defense mechanisms to get through life. I responded to the abuse I endured through anxiety, self-harm, perfectionism, the need to control, anorexia, through fear of intimacy as I became an adult and lack of self-worth. Abuse distorted my image of God and affected my ability to seek and trust Him. My confidence was shattered.

My healing began once I realized that as long as I continued to gaze inward, I would always see my scars, but when I gaze on Jesus, I see His scars and remember He died to make me whole again. I finally understood that I could trust the One who loved me completely.

It took me awhile to get there, though. For years, I felt the need to hide the shame and pain I felt. The most astounding changes came as I learned to trust Him with my past hurts. It wasn’t until I knew the One who gave me my eternal name that I would know my true self. For far too long I let the voice of condemnation darken the light in my soul.

My relationship with the Lord has grown immensely but it hasn’t always been easy. I questioned God for a long time and wondered why He would have me endure so much pain at the hands of men who were supposed to love me. I’ve had many questions, and my heart screamed for answers. I felt abandoned in my pain. The truth is Satan wants us to believe God is not good and does not care, but our Father God is never blind to the sins that hurt His people. He grieves over all sin and hates it. Sometimes the Lord deals directly with others’ sinful behavior against us; other times, it’s just not time yet. In mercy, God gives even the most evil among us opportunities to turn to Him and repent. We are not immune to evil, there is no pain free life, and evil will find its way in. God works in incredible ways through tragedy but He does not orchestrate it. Believe and trust, let God bring you through and conquer those demons of your past. He can and He will do that.

Cling to the ONE who calms the sea.

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Many times we tend to compare the storms in our life to the storms of others. We deny ourselves the truth and reality of the pain we are facing. Our storm may not be as tempestuous as the storms others face, but it is not the velocity of the storm that makes our Heavenly Father willing to help us. It is our faith in His calming power and our hastening to call for His help that allows Him to calm our hearts during life’s storms.

God not only calms the physical seas, but He can also calm the seas within our minds and souls. When the waters of anguish begin to fill our ship cling to the One who calms the sea.

True Beauty

To love ourselves is to see our own true beauty. It means we understand how incredible we are. It means we appreciate ourselves, we believe in ourselves and most of all, like ourselves exactly the way we are. When we learn to love ourselves we start to see our true potential, we see our own strengths, capabilities, and achievements. 

To love ourselves is to fully support ourselves, back ourselves up and be our own best friend. It means we look at our accomplishments and achievements and give ourselves recognition and admiration for what we have achieved. Loving ourselves is the greatest thing we can ever do for ourselves and others.

Daily Quote

She conquered her demonsand wore her scars likewings.

Never be ashamed of the scars life has left you with. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you endured the pain, and God has healed you.

1. They tell a story – Your scars tell a story. They leave others wanting to know more about you. They’re there as a reminder of what you’ve been through and what you’ve overcome. They express how you handled a situation and insist on the fact that you survived.

2. They signify strength – A scar shows how strong you are. How strong must’ve been to overcome that one hurdle in life. They prove that you fight for the life you want. Against whatever that may have been.

3. They resemble time – The color of your scar resembles the amount of time it’s had to heal. The amount of time you’ve had to heal. Keeping watch over the healing process of your scar indicates how far along you’ve come since it became it became a part of your skin.

4. They raise awareness – Scars are a great way to raise awareness for a variety of causes. Not all scars have to be physical to make a difference.

5. They add character – They show that you have overcome something.

6. They educate you, and others around you –  talking about them can help others learn from your experiences.

7. They give others hope – Your scars are an indication of hope, in many ways.