Broken and Beautiful

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“We are all shattered in one way or another. We are all incomplete, missing pieces here and there. But we are all beautiful. In fact, we are more beautiful because of it. Who wants polished perfection that belies the truth of what’s inside when you can have the raw power of beauty that’s broken because it has lived and loved and lost and carried on in spite of it all? Be broken and be beautiful.”

Healing and Hope

I’ve often heard that a child of an abusive parent tends to gravitate to and marry an abusive person. That’s what happened with me when I married at age 19. I felt like there was a sign on my back—“used goods.” I was naïve and lacking confidence. I had a longing to belong somewhere—to have a real family again.

Many of life’s negative experiences tend to make us feel inferior. But remember what the Bible reveals. God loves us! He created us in His image! For a very great destiny! He greatly values who we are now and especially who we will be in the future!