What will your message be?

the middle of your messis writing your message

Pain has purpose. Pain is a signpost. Pain is a gift that you give yourself when something very important is crying out for your attention. Embrace your pain as a sign that there is still room for more joy in your life. No matter what you have experienced. Don’t hesitate a moment longer to feel this pain. For one day it will be gone. It’s power will diminish. Embrace, so that you may let go. Look, so that you never again have to look away. There is so much beauty in even the darkest of rooms, but you must spend time there in order to let your eyes adjust to the light. And when you can see all that is around you, you will be able to find the door, open it, let the warmth pour in, and let your innocence back out into the light. It is when we truly learn this message that we are able to release this pain once and for all.

Let your Mess be your Message.


Embrace your scars!

Memoirs of a Broken Woman (5)

I am thankful for the woman I have become because of the journey I have walked through.The strength, courage and qualities I have found within myself through the process of the journey is unparalleled to what I ever even knew existed. An outcome that I would never have sought after but have found beauty within its findings.

There was a time in my life when there was no way, shape or form in which I could understand the idea that there is beauty in pain, grief and even depression.

Once I decided to let go of what was no longer serving me and let go of the parts of myself that were no longer in alignment with who I am it allowed me to be carried by the strength of my loving Heavenly Father.

I am grateful for the strength and courage I found through the process of my pain. By no means has it been easy and undoubtedly encompassed with mixed emotions of fear, guilt, shame and anger.

However, there is a light, ever so dimly, waiting to be uncovered by each one of us in our own darkness. It is in this singular hope that we need to continue to search for the beauty within the pain, even in the darkest hours.

We all have scars that delicately tell of our journey that has shaped us. Embrace your scars today!

When Life Hurts Most

My ideal weekend is spent with a cup of coffee and a good book.

My scars of abuse have always felt unique and made me feel very isolated in my pain. I no longer felt like a person but rather the problem. I was confused about what was normal and used a variety of defense mechanisms to get through life. I responded to the abuse I endured through anxiety, self-harm, perfectionism, the need to control, anorexia, through fear of intimacy as I became an adult and lack of self-worth. Abuse distorted my image of God and affected my ability to seek and trust Him. My confidence was shattered.

My healing began once I realized that as long as I continued to gaze inward, I would always see my scars, but when I gaze on Jesus, I see His scars and remember He died to make me whole again. I finally understood that I could trust the One who loved me completely.

It took me awhile to get there, though. For years, I felt the need to hide the shame and pain I felt. The most astounding changes came as I learned to trust Him with my past hurts. It wasn’t until I knew the One who gave me my eternal name that I would know my true self. For far too long I let the voice of condemnation darken the light in my soul.

My relationship with the Lord has grown immensely but it hasn’t always been easy. I questioned God for a long time and wondered why He would have me endure so much pain at the hands of men who were supposed to love me. I’ve had many questions, and my heart screamed for answers. I felt abandoned in my pain. The truth is Satan wants us to believe God is not good and does not care, but our Father God is never blind to the sins that hurt His people. He grieves over all sin and hates it. Sometimes the Lord deals directly with others’ sinful behavior against us; other times, it’s just not time yet. In mercy, God gives even the most evil among us opportunities to turn to Him and repent. We are not immune to evil, there is no pain free life, and evil will find its way in. God works in incredible ways through tragedy but He does not orchestrate it. Believe and trust, let God bring you through and conquer those demons of your past. He can and He will do that.

Daily Quote

She conquered her demonsand wore her scars likewings.

Never be ashamed of the scars life has left you with. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you endured the pain, and God has healed you.

1. They tell a story – Your scars tell a story. They leave others wanting to know more about you. They’re there as a reminder of what you’ve been through and what you’ve overcome. They express how you handled a situation and insist on the fact that you survived.

2. They signify strength – A scar shows how strong you are. How strong must’ve been to overcome that one hurdle in life. They prove that you fight for the life you want. Against whatever that may have been.

3. They resemble time – The color of your scar resembles the amount of time it’s had to heal. The amount of time you’ve had to heal. Keeping watch over the healing process of your scar indicates how far along you’ve come since it became it became a part of your skin.

4. They raise awareness – Scars are a great way to raise awareness for a variety of causes. Not all scars have to be physical to make a difference.

5. They add character – They show that you have overcome something.

6. They educate you, and others around you –  talking about them can help others learn from your experiences.

7. They give others hope – Your scars are an indication of hope, in many ways.


It’s not just one storm, though, that helps a tree grow deeper and stronger where it stands. It’s several storms over time, a series of torrents and gusts. All of this rooting and growing in the face of heavy weather protects a tree from simply blowing over. And, it prepares a tree for the storms yet to come.

Just because a tree remains standing, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t damaged. Lightning strikes, for example, almost always leave scars. A tree may be alive and well—a survivor—yet bear marks that never fully fade.

We are a lot like trees. Dark times can damage us so deeply that even though we’re still physically here, we can’t imagine a time when we will feel fully recovered. After the storms of our own life, we may wonder if our bodies, minds or souls will ever be the same again.

Some storms pass quickly; others take years. Waiting for a long storm to pass takes a toll on the spirit, even when you know those skies will eventually clear. Often we aren’t even aware of a storm’s full impact until after the fact, when we have the visibility to sort out all the damages.

Rainbows appear in the sky only after the clouds clear. A rainbow is a symbol of promise, a beautiful reminder of the gifts yet to come.


You are a Warrior!

Memoirs of a Broken Woman

The most massive characters are seared with scars. My scars remind me that I did indeed survive my deepest wounds. … They show you are a warrior. You fought a battle, they tell the story of you.  From the stretch marks of pregnancy to the war wounds of life, each of your scars has its own tale to tell.