We ALL have stories to tell.

Elmer Davis

Everyone’s experiences are unique, and as we share our stories, our perspectives, our take on world building and character development, we actually expand other people’s understanding. Your story matters because it is uniquely your own, and no one can tell it the way you can. No one has your voice. No one has your thoughts. No one has your experiences, dreams, hopes, and fears. Never be ashamed to tell your story!!


Daily Quote

Memoirs of a Broken Woman (1)

Don’t be afraid to take the journey, even if there is no one else beside you. Be brave enough to walk through the storm.

Your wounds are beautiful!

Memoirs of a Broken Woman

“Deep in your wounds are seeds, waiting to grow beautiful flowers.”

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

“NEVER be ashamed of the scars that life has left you. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you endured the pain and God has healed you.”

The Shame Doesn’t Belong To You!

Memoirs of a Broken Woman (1)

The shame that you may be holding onto is not yours to carry. So many of us hold on tight to that shame but all it does is keep us in bondage to what and to those who hurt us. When we release that shame that eats at us we can start to see ourselves through a different lens. We can begin to see the world through different eyes—eyes not clouded by the perception that we are “less than,” inadequate, damaged, worthless, or unlovable. Compassion is the only thing that can counteract the isolating, stigmatizing, debilitating poison of shame.
I spent most of my life telling myself those very same things. I saw myself as damaged goods. I had no idea the power of self compassion until I started to apply it. At first I thought it was nonsense. It wasn’t until a close friend of mine started asking some pretty hard questions, some that I couldn’t answer. She had asked me if I would say those same horrible things I would say about myself to another little girl. Of course I wouldn’t but my mentality has always been….BUT….you don’t know everything I’ve gone through. I don’t deserve compassion and grace. Why not? I was always full of so much shame that having compassion and grace for myself and for the little girl inside me was so far out of reach, I wanted it but couldn’t grasp it.
Self-compassion is the missing key to alleviating shame. When we start to understand that we begin to find healing in areas in our life that we thought were impossible. If compassion is the ability to feel and connect with the suffering of another human being, self-compassion is the ability to feel and connect with one’s own suffering. Be kind to yourself, she needs you.

Let go and find freedom

Be who you needed (1)

Do you ever really heal from the hurt, pain and shame of things that happened to you as a child? I have wrestled with this for much of my life. I’ve asked myself many times, “What does true healing look like when you have been so deeply scarred?” Just recently I had a transformative breakthrough and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. The chains that kept me in bondage to my past have finally been broken. In order for me to get to this point I had to let down my walls, trust, speak my truth, all my truth and stop being afraid. I know it is harder said than done but once I was brave enough to vulnerable and let the pain out, I finally feel free.

What are you holding back?
What is stopping you from finding that freedom you deserve?

The power of forgiveness

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The act of forgiveness is beyond powerful. Forgiveness allows you to see people for all they are, and see yourself for who you are, and through this clear understanding of humanity and this new form awareness, you can make the decision to let go or to let in. It is about letting go of the resentment you feel when thinking about the person that hurt you, it is about letting go of the fears you feel inside when you took the wrong turn, it is about believing that the decision(s) you make to help yourself grow are the right ones. In order to truly forgive someone else, you need to forgive yourself.