Broken and Beautiful

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“We are all shattered in one way or another. We are all incomplete, missing pieces here and there. But we are all beautiful. In fact, we are more beautiful because of it. Who wants polished perfection that belies the truth of what’s inside when you can have the raw power of beauty that’s broken because it has lived and loved and lost and carried on in spite of it all? Be broken and be beautiful.”

Loving yourself

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When we realize that God sees us through eyes of love we are profoundly healed. When we begin to see others through God’s eyes of love, we bring healing and blessing to them. To be seen and loved, and to absorb the reality of that love, is to know ourselves for who we really are. And to know this is to be freed from self condemnation. To know this is to be made whole. We are made in the image of God. God says we are lovely and beloved, we are His.

Rise with Resilience

Memoirs of a Broken Woman (1)“We most often think of resiliency as a quality that helps us react to challenges, resiliency is also essential to the proactive aspects of our lives. It is the virtue that allows us to face the world head on like daring adventurers, to strike out into the unknown like courageous explorers. It is the quality that enables us to take risks, to reach out to others, and to live deeply and powerfully.

Without resiliency we forever dwell on our setbacks instead of making progress in our lives. The hurt from our past disappointments is so debilitating that we cannot muster up the courage and desire to take chances and seize opportunities; we’re afraid of experiencing pain and embarrassment. Without resiliency we become content to play it small; we hide from the world, keeping ourselves from hurt but also removing our chances of joy, excitement, and satisfaction. The fear of trying something and failing looms large in our minds. Yet we ignore the even bigger failure-the failure to make an attempt, to try and to risk.”

Scars to your Beautiful….


It is exhausting to fight a war in your head every single day. I tried for so long to disguise my pain. I felt so much guilt behind my shame. I would spend every day criticizing everything about myself from my weight, to the size of clothes I wore, to the wrinkles on my forehead down to not so perfect nail polish on my toes. All this dissatisfaction stems from how I have perceived myself since I was a young girl. I tried to cover up my pain by becoming something that I thought everyone else wanted me to be. All I wanted was to feel beautiful and not what was done or told to me. Even after all these years I still struggle with these thoughts of trying to be this perfect woman. I find myself once again criticizing every ounce of what makes me, me. I have scars seen and unseen from my past and how I got those scars play a huge role in how I have learned to see myself. However every day I am learning to embrace those scars because they truly are what make me beautiful. Yes, scars can be painful. Scars may seem anything but pretty but there is more good found in scars than we realize. The scars that remain from an unkind word or scars left on the heart after an emotional battle give us strength even when we don’t feel strong. The lasting scars of hurtful memories or painful moments give us a heart of compassion and a love that can’t be found anywhere else. Despite the scars from my past, despite how ugly they have made me feel I know my scars both physical and emotional are truly what make my inner and outer beauty shine. I am no longing staying in bondage to those scars but I am setting myself free and using my scars as weapons to succeed.