Broken Girl

This poem is for the little girl that once was me who was lost and broken. I am now strong enough to give your pain and tears a voice. I’m sorry it took me so long.

Written by: Anonymous

Broken Girl

Daddy don’t you love me?
I try so hard to make you proud.
My mind is racing, it is too loud.
I trusted you so much, you were all that mattered.
My dress is all torn and tattered.

Tears of fear are running down my face
I hide my pain behind the linen and lace.
Daddy don’t you love me?
You were supposed to sing me lullabies
Instead you left me paralyzed.
I don’t like the games you make you play,
Daddy please go away.
Daddy don’t you love me?

In case you didn’t know I’m
Just a little girl in a grown up world.
Do you remember me hiding underneath my bed?
Was it something I did?
Was it something I said?
Can’t you see that I am tired and afraid?
All I can do is now pray.
Daddy please no more
I no longer want to be curled up on the floor.
Daddy don’t you love me?

I take another bath to try and wash away your scent,
Cruelty is all you ever meant.
I sit in my room hearing the birds sing
But there is no happiness inside me just
A broken wing.
You are not what you seem,
You’ve become the monsters in my dreams.
Daddy why couldn’t you ever love me?


Broken Girl


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