My letter to My Abuser: Post #14

I am so humbled and honored that so many of you are trusting me with your stories, pain and hurt. We no longer give our stories power when we bring them to the light. It takes an incredible amount of bravery to share and it is so inspiring and you are all changing lives by sharing.


Growing up you never told me you loved me, only time you did was if it was in front of a group of your friends.

Growing up you never could offer a compliment; instead you would project your insecurities on me.

Growing up you never made feel I was ever good enough for you, no matter how hard I tried.

Growing up you never showed any affection. I don’t remember hugs and kisses ever being freely given.

Growing up I never felt any sort of attachment to you even though as a daughter I should have felt an emotional attachment to you.

Growing up I always felt I was a bother to you. Only time I wasn’t a bother was when you wanted to show me off as your daughter.

Growing up I don’t ever remember just me and you bonding together.

Growing up I always felt like you always had to be in control. It was your way or the highway.

Growing up I always had to be the one to say I’m sorry. But when it was time for you to apologize to me your apology never came.

Growing up people always told me how much I resembled you and I felt so special to hear that because I always saw you as a beautiful person.

Growing up we were always butting heads and never got along.

Growing up I was always full of anxiety.

Growing up I was always afraid I would make you mad.

Growing up a lot of my childhood is a blur but these are the things that come to my mind when I think of my childhood.







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