My Letter to my Abuser: Post 13

Thank you to this incredibly woman for sharing her story with Memoirs of a Broken Woman. I am honored to have your trust and I am inspired by your strength. Thank you for your vulnerability, I am so glad that you are now flying free.


You were standing outside loading up things in the Uhaul. You were moving away after living in your house for 30 years. I stared at you over the fence not knowing if you could tell I was staring at you or not. My chest was so tight. I could barely breathe. My ears were burning and hot to touch. Even with the warmth of the sun but when I saw you standing out there I had goosebumps. I knew it was getting close to be the day when you would be moved out for good. I thought you were always going to be my neighbor. I was still trying to wrap my head around what you did to me for 2 years. You became a control freak. You became a master manipulator. You lied to me so many times and never felt guilty. You would confuse me to the point where I couldn’t even think straight. You emotionally put me through hell. You did what you wanted and thought about no one but yourself. I was nothing but an ego boost for you. I wanted to walk over to the fence so bad to talk to you. Worst part was I knew I wanted to talk to you but I had no words for you. I didn’t even know what I wanted to say but part of me wanted to talk to you.

I had already told you everything I wanted to tell you when I ended things. I was still trying to figure out so badly what I did to deserve or so I thought at the time for you to do this to me. I still couldn’t believe how you gave me all that time for me to mean nothing to you. I exposed myself in so many ways and you took advantage of my vulnerabilities. You preyed on me. I was weak. You got in the UHaul shut the door and down the driveway you went. You went down the street and into the distance. It has been the last time I saw you. I’m so glad it’s over. I’m so glad when I look outside I see a new neighbor and not you. I’m so glad you are in my past. I’m so glad you’re not in my present or future life that has to offer me. In a year I have made so many strides.

You may have put me through hell You may have been my hardest life lesson. I’m glad you moved. I’m glad to be free.



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