My Letter to my Abuser: Post 12

Thank you Alyce for your vulnerability and your courage to speak out. You are inspiring so many!

My letter to Mr/Mrs Narc

You took my childhood away from me at the age of 2 from being molested, raped, and beaten and let’s not forget the verbal abuse that lasted for 13 years of my life. Mrs Narc you turned a blind eye to the abuse and never protected me, in fact you physically and verbally abused me too. I turned to alcohol and marijuana to numb my pain. What you did to me was years of feeling ashamed and lost . They say that as a survivor, your mind will go into protection mode as a child and as a grown adult I started to remember by flashbacks and anxiety attacks some of the abuse I blocked out as a child.

Just so you both know my life has not been easy and you both did this to me, everyday is a choice for me to have a good day. Because of you I suffer from PTSD and have a anxiety and depression.

I am 49 years old now and have had years of therapy and I take medication to feel right. I have become a admin for a Facebook page and help other men and women who have been through trauma. I have learned to use my story to help others so they don’t feel alone like I did.

Writing this letter to you I realized I have fragments of pain I still haven’t let go off. I am being honest and truthful, however I am a stronger person because of what I have overcome neither of you have anything to do with it .

I am a survivor and my own hero.
Written by: Alyce Lauren


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