Dear Younger Me…


If I could tell you anything this is what I would say….
If only you could only see what I see today. There is beauty that lies in your soul that has always been there.
You have always had a gentle heart and nothing will ever take that from you.
I know you have been hurt in the most horrendous of ways and I know you have felt pain that no human should bare.
You must see that the feelings you carry of your life being a mistake are lies from the enemy.
I know what you needed growing up was to feel loved, valued, safe and cherished.
I’m sorry that you felt none of those things but I want to tell you that one day you will.
All your doubts, all your fears, all your hurt and all your tears will be for something greater then you can ever imagine.
Your story will be a beacon of light in the darkest of situations and your faith will give hope to those who have lost theirs.
Those awful things that were done to you don’t define you, they don’t give you your sense of worth and you are NOT to blame.
That shame and guilt belongs to them.
God has called you beautiful and He gave you this life for a reason. You are His precious creation!
You have been redeemed by the ultimate Father and He will never leave you nor forsake you.
When you feel like your losing the battle and your heart is at war remember that what they took from you is not who you are.
Don’t let those who have hurt you and robbed you of your childhood, have your future too.
You will rejoice one day that instead of staying in bondage to the lies you will find freedom in your scars.
I will be there to always catch your tears,
I will be there to love you through your pain
I will be there to hold you through your healing
and I will be there to comfort you in your shame.
You are me and I am you!
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