There is immense power in our voices!


Thank you Jessica for sharing your story with Memoirs of a Broken Woman. Many of us here can relate to your words and live it daily! Thank you for being so brave to speak up. There is immense power in our voices.

You know what you don’t hear domestic violence survivors talk about often? The aftermath ….

How every time there is a loud noise you jump and start looking around in a panic … a door slam , a window rattle , a plastic lawn chair falling over … That’s behind your own closed doors … Then there’s the embarrassment of being in public and nearly jumping out of your skin because someone dropped something and it startled you, a man raising his voice, a car slamming on it breaks.

Or the constant, never ceasing fear you can’t shake no matter how hard you try ….
The feeling that your always being watched, not being able to go for a walk because you may be “found” or followed, or the ability to be free to shop or browse a store without looking over your shoulder every few minutes.

Then of course there is the joy of having to change EVERYTHING in your life…. Change your email, your address, your routes to and from certain places, your credit cards, your friends, your hopes and dreams for your future because your literally living day by day and every step is measured by each move you take to keep yourself your children safe …

Imagine a life that every single step is thoroughly constructed to survive … And that is the reality of a domestic violence survivor …

But we stand, we fight, we grasp on to faith and pray that each and every move we make is going to be followed by another, and another ….. Because we don’t let them win, we don’t give in!


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