Being knocked down doesn’t mean you have to stay down…


One thing I can say from experience is no matter how much you want to change the situation and circumstances for someone else, you can’t. You have to wait until they are ready and sometimes they have to get knocked down time and time again to come to that point. My friends desperately wanted me out of the situation that I was in, they pleaded with me to leave and would even stake out my house at night to see if they could hear anything so they could call the police. Still I wasn’t ready to leave for numerous reasons. I had no job, hadn’t even worked in years and had no family in town. However my friends continued to support and encourage me without judgement which made a huge difference in my life. They didn’t question me for staying and they didn’t stop caring one bit. It was up to me to make that change for me and my children. I had to hit my rock bottom first in order to realize that leaving was my only option. At one point I had given my friend an emergency bag for my kids and I with clothes and important documents, it took me almost two years from that day to actually leave. I believe that the most important part of my story is not how long it took me to leave, it is that I took the step of faith and left.


2 thoughts on “Being knocked down doesn’t mean you have to stay down…

  1. God bless you for your strength.. Yes you did it!!!! It doesnt matter how long you took but you jumped. You took that leap of faith and saved yourself and your children. Be proud of you!!! I know I am 😉


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