Don’t Suffer in Silence..

Sushil shukla -Silence is girls loudest cry-grandfather with smile and boy-colorfull life-lover-bestfriends-sad girl with guitar and big teddy-miss-u-blue and yellow cups with smileyand red hearts-.jpg

I used to be an expert on putting on the facade that everything in my life was great. I made sure that my outer appearance was always well put together from my hair and makeup down do my stylish heels. It was as though I piled on the layers to hide the real truth. To hide the bruises, the fear, the shame and the guilt. Once I completely stripped away the facade I was left with just an empty shell of my body. My famous words use to be, “I’m fine, I’m okay.” As days, weeks, months and years past my close friends became very familiar with those words except they realized that “I’m fine, I’m okay” really meant I’m hurting and I’m scared. Thankfully I had wonderful friends who read between the lines and helped me every step of the way. My advice to friends and families that suspect someone they love are being abused, read between the lines. “I’m fine, I’m okay” can be a desperate plea for help they just may not know how to ask for it!




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