My letter to my abuser campaign: Post #7 Part 2 “I am Redeemed”

Those chains of bondage have been broken! Thank you for sharing your compelling story of such bravery and strength. Many others will be touched by your resilience and determination to rise above. I am honored and humbled that you shared your story with Memoirs of a Broken Woman.


30 years now, I’m blessed. I’m strong, independent, resilient, and unstoppable because of what you did to me when I was a young. I really love the woman I am today, and I know that even the most unpleasant parts of my past have brought me to this moment. As I sit here and reflect on my past I shake my head I hate the fact that it happened. However I’m grateful to have this story to share, because I know there are so many more people just like me who are hurting and still struggling with the after effects of childhood abuse. I’m glad I can help them.

I put my life on hold I didn’t want to continue until you told me why but I have to remember it is done and I am not going to get an answer so it’s time to shift my focus on helping others instead of hurting. I blamed myself for so many years this was a hard pill to swallow.

Yes, you took my childhood my innocence my virginity (I guess you can call it that) But, you never broke my spirit.

I have faced every challenge, and overcome every obstacle. I am a stronger woman today for having been victorious in these battles.

I had to let go I had to stop holding on you are no longer here. I forgave you a long time ago but I wanted to sit down face to face to tell you how I felt. I will never forget what you did to me. I will continue to share my story, in hopes that it will help someone else who shares my struggle.



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