My Letter to My Abuser Campaign: Post #5

Thank you for your rawness and honesty from a friends perspective. We tend to forget how domestic violence affects the family and friends of the abuse victims.

**Warning This post contains explicit language**

I have long wanted to say something to you. I prefer to do it in person but we know that would not end well. I don’t understand how you could do what you did to your wife. It is amazing to me that you act like you are a respectful citizen that helps his community and that you act like you are a loving and caring dad. It is all such a bunch of bullshit. You are the devil. You are a wife beater…You have some major mental issues and you really need to get them resolved. You are fucking up your kid’s lives just like you tried to do to your wife. What is wrong with you that you try to control everyone.

She is such an amazing woman. Who are you to treat her like you did. She took care of the kids, cooked, cleaned and was always there for you and the kids. All you did was put her down and treat her like shit. She deserved better. She deserved someone to love her and take care of her. Not ridicule her and beat her.

I fucking hate you. You are such a low life piece of shit. These kids deserve better. Why can’t you be the person you pretend to be in public. Why do you continue to try to ruin their lives. What are you doing? Your kids hate you. Doesn’t that matter to you. Go get help.

Guess what mother fucker…she survived..

She is here!!! She is a good mom, no a great mom, she is happy, she is prevailing, she is LOVE, she is LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

You couldn’t bring her down. No matter how hard you hit her or the mean things you said.

She is a SURVIVOR!!! FUCK YOU!!!


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