My Letter to My Abuser Campaign: Post #4

Thank you for sharing your letter with Memoirs of a Broken Woman. I applaud your bravery for sharing and speaking out! I am glad you are finding your voice! God Bless!

Dear Abuser,

You broke me from the inside out. You left me crumbled up on the ground
I only had enough time to come up for air until the next blow came
Some days it felt like I was in the boxing ring for hours and could barely stand on my feet.
How could you call that love? I loved you with everything in me. You shattered my heart and dreams of being a mother. I can and will never forgive you for making me lose our baby. You took away a precious life and left my soul shattered. It has been 15 years and I am still not ok.
I bought into your lies, deception, excuses and blame but no more I refuse to stay knocked down!
I live on and my soul has gently been put back together. I miss what could have been but I am ready for what will be. That old me is no longer there and I don’t see you anywhere!



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