“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.”

I am realizing through my own vulnerability and story I am showing my greatest strength. For far too long I had felt weak and unsure of my path. I spent many years putting up walls around my heart to prevent me from being hurt again. As a broken woman I did everything possible to guard all that I had left in me but in that process I no longer could see the light that was being reflected off the walls I had built. My greatest healing has come from letting go of the weight and armor I had so tightly wrapped around my heart. I’ve learned to use those feelings I kept hidden for so long to teach me to accept those broken pieces about me that I was ashamed to expose. There is no shame in courage and we all our courageous.

Throughout my whole life I have always associated vulnerability with pain and weakness but now I see it as healing and empowerment. In our pain we lose sight of the beauty in our own imperfections.  Our moments of struggle has made us who we are. I want to encourage women to write about what has kept them in bondage to shame and to share their stories with others. We have so much power in our own stories that give opportunities for others to heal.



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