Beauty from ashes

Excerpt from my book…

Beauty from ashes


God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but I was at my breaking point and I knew I couldn’t handle much more. I was broken in more ways than one. I was so fragile physically the bruises never seemed to have time to heal before another beating occurred. Sometimes my skin would hurt so bad even wearing clothes was painful. Mentally I was exhausted from fighting and wanted more than anything for some peace instead of despair. I lost sight of who I was.  He stifled everything about me and broke me down until nothing was left. I was frozen in fear and had no clue what direction to go. Freedom seemed out of reach and only a dream. That is exactly how he wanted me. He didn’t want me to have the strength to fight. It was his goal to destroy me. When I finally made the choice to leave and decided that I was worth being safe and happy, the beauty within my empty shell of a person started shining through. I finally saw the small glimmer of hope. I realized that the broken ashes of despair were slowly disappearing and the freedom I longed for was finally in reach.


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