Sorry is just a word…

Another small Excerpt from my book:

How many times did I hear the word “Sorry,” too many times to count? Sorry is just a word with empty meaning. Hearing “I’m sorry” time after time the word becomes five letters that simultaneously follow the next. There is no actual meaning or significance. The reality of it all is the word “sorry” becomes a reminder of the horror that transpired the night before. Soon, everything started to become small reminders of a not so sorry man. Flowers now represented a peace offering of some sort for the black eye, bruised lip or a night of me screaming “No!” They no longer represented that beautiful gesture of love. Elaborate vacations became a plea to look past the hurt and pain to somehow repair our broken family. Romantic dinners were no longer romantic and only concluded to be another session of being told, “If only you wouldn’t make me so mad.” Glamorous clothes and jewelry no longer were flattering. Instead, they were supposed to keep me quiet and content as if happiness revolved around material things.


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